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Tradition meets “HIP”!

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and decided it was time to “SHAKE THINGS UP!”  What does that mean?  We have a New Attitude and a New Direction where ‘Tradition meets HIP!’  We’ve created a host of new musical gifts to share with you in 2012!  Our Magic Room has been a busy place… YES, it’s going to be an amazing year!

Eric-Carle-Apple-bank-Revised2-150x150The Very Hungry Caterpillar Musical Bank. We have new licenses with Eric Carle (author of the classic children’s story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”)



Gone With The Wind (one of the all time ‘greats’ in film history!), and Bob Byerley (internationally known artist and painter of Our American Childhood).




“Jessica’s Bonnet” Musical Jewelry Box

 Our new formats include musical banks, musical candle holders, vintage music boxes, and glass music boxes with attachments.  We have new sound, with new digital recordings by original artists – you’ll want to get up and dance!






New categories include Fashion music boxes – glamour, fun, home fashion

Hearts and Kisses Glass Music Box

– and  Tweens – musical gifts for the 6-12 year olds, including gifts for boys and girls.





“Jing-A-Ling” Musical Banks








 And we have all new items in our classic categories with Looney Tunes,




Phantom of the Opera 25 Years Music Box

Phantom of the Opera (did you know that this year Phantom of the Opera celebrates 25 years??? – don’t miss our ALL NEW LIMITED EDITION pieces!),




and the Wizard of Oz….a true American classic!

OZ, the Great and Powerful Lighted Figurine with voice clip from original movie

OZ, the Great and Powerful Lighted Figurine with voice clip from original movie. A new movie comes out in 2012 about the Great and Powerful OZ – you’ll want to share in the fun!


That’s just a small sampling of what’s in store at The San Francisco Music Box Company.

The “Wicked” Watchful Eye of OZ

Wizard of OZ™ 4 Character WG Wicked Witch Silhouette

Wizard of OZ™ 4 Character WG Wicked Witch Silhouette

Wizard of OZ™ 4 Character –  Wicked Witch Silhouette

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? These 4 WOZ favorites seem to never leave the wicked and watchful eye of The Wicked Witch of the West.

In this frightfully fantastic WOZ piece, the “Wicked Witch” is silhouetted in a backdrop, as our four favorite characters try to find their way. The globe illuminates and features touch/sound activation.

This Halloween, add a touch of “Wicked” to your spooky decor!

Tune: “Witch Song/”I’ll Get You My Pretty” 9.5″H

Find out more at The San Francisco Music Box Company!

Bringing the Horses & Roses Carousel Horse to Life!

‘Enjoy the Magic’ as we walk you through the creative process in developing one of our most beloved musical treasures, the “Hearts and Roses Single Horse Carousel.”

It’s all SO magical! The music, the characters, the colors, the motion! A final musical figurine or water globe is a masterpiece in design, craftsmanship, and quality! What does it take to get there?

Well, we followed the team at the San Francisco Music Box Company as they developed their signature Carousel horse figurine. Their carousel horse evokes memories of laughter and fun on those dizzying rides around the carousel when we were growing up! Remember riding up and down and waving to the watchers….your parents, your grandparents, your friends?

The most important part of creating a magical, musical gift is discovering what is magical to the recipient. What treasured memories do we want to evoke in them? What occasions and events bring a smile to their face? OR, what gift would evoke new memories to reminisce fondly on in the future?

A second critical part of developing that magical gift involves researching the idea for design and musical elements. What makes the carousel magical? What does the receiver think of when they see a carousel? What colors, images, and sounds encompass the total “carousel experience” which is cherished in their childhood memories? We talk to our customers. We research carousel history, images and songs, and then develop a strategy for each item.

Next, we deliver our information to the SFMB master artist, Michael Adams. Michael then creates artistic renderings and designs of carousels that embody the ‘magic’ that only an SFMBC gift can bring. Here is an example.

Movement, light, and sound are all considered in the final development of the artistic vision. Choices for tunes are carefully reviewed and the most appealing song for that item is chosen. For example, this particular carousel will play the tune “Waltz of the Flowers.” The horse will also move up and down on the carousel pole, just as you remember from your carousel rides! After approving a final rendering, the artist creates a colored version of the drawing for review and approval. The final drawing is then sent to the SFMBC workshop for production.

Once approved, our talented sculptors will take the colored rendering and create a clay model of it. Taking a 2-dimensional drawing and making it a 3-dimensional figurine is no small feat! We are continually amazed by the incredible talents of the artists and sculptors that work together to transform a 2D drawing into 3D rendering! Here is a sample clay model.

This clay model holds a space for the musical mechanism which will create the magical sound everyone loves in their musical gifts! This clay sample is again reviewed for design details and stability in shipping and size. Once approved, it proceeds to a ‘painted sample.’ All San Francisco Music Box Company figurines and water globes are hand painted. The detailing is astonishing, with tiny roses, little faces, and any myriad of extras that make these items so magical!

In the process of painting a sample, the musical mechanism is also added. Some items have an 18-note mechanism, which is the sound that most people think of when they see a music box. Others have an IC chip, which allows for digital recordings of songs and song lyrics. This carousel horse figurine has an 18-note mechanism when the final sample is shipped to our home offices for final approval. Here it is!

NOW, we are ready to reproduce it so that every one of our SFMB fans can have their own personal carousel horse figurine! Remember, every item is hand-painted, checked for quality and given individual care in its creation. The San Francisco Music Box Company takes pride in knowing that each SFMBC customer has the opportunity to take home a one-of-a-kind musical gift that can be carried down from generation to generation. . . and we hope it will bring many smiles!

See and hear this carousel horse at


What is the San Francisco Music Box Co. “Magic Room”?

Have you ever wondered how a music box or musical water globe or musical figurine is made? Have you ever wondered what makes that MAGICAL sound that you hear in the music box? Have you ever wondered who creates the wonderful designs that become musical gifts? Have you ever wished you could see a sneak peak of what the next new musical gift will be? ENTER the MAGIC ROOM and find answers to these questions!

The San Francisco Music Box company will share stories with you about the development of our musical gifts when you visit us here. Magical, Musical, Memorable! We look forward to sharing with you!