Greatest Books for Kids

What are the ‘greatest’ books for kids?  A February 2012 release by Scholastic Parent & Child magazine listed the top 100 books for kids.  Who is the authority here?  What was it based on?   Well, several things were noted, including literary merit, popularity, a variety of genres, and cultural representation.  Literacy experts and ‘mom bloggers’ nominated over 500 books.   Here are a few, and one in particular that has a new home at The San Francisco Music Box Company:

“Charlotte’s Web” tops the list at #1. Who can not like this classic tale about a spider and farm girl who save a naïve runt of a pig?  It’s a little longer tale to read, but a sure winner!



“Goodnight Moon” came in a close #2.

I still recall the pictures in this classic book from the many times I read it to my children.  Still one of their favorites!


“Where the Wild Things Are” from Maurice Sendak listed at #5.   This wonderful story became a major motion picture in 2009 and is now on our SFMB list of targets for consideration. 

Can you picture some fun musical items in your child’s room of the characters from this great story?  It is especially relevant today with the fun monster craze inhabiting the lives of our 5-10 year olds.


Green Eggs and Ham,” the classic tale from Dr. Seuss, ranked # 7.   We read this story so many times that I still recall the words “I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.”   There are only 50 different words in this story! 

Dr. Seuss had an incredible knack for bringing fun into our story time with rhyming dialogue and crazy characters!



“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is our favorite at #12.  This book has sold millions of copies worldwide and is still a top-seller today.   The story of the caterpillar who ate through everything, eventually becoming a beautiful butterfly, is magical. 


Here at SFMB, we created some timeless musical items from this popular story, added a little more magic with some very classic tunes, and are excited to bring them to you in June, 2012!  Here are two of them for you to share with your friends.



The Very Hungry Caterpillar Apple Musical BankThe Very Hungry Caterpillar Musical Cupcake Rotating Figurine

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