How to Host a Phantom Party or Event

Have you been put in charge of this years Fundraising Event or Halloween Party or are you a Bride looking for the Perfect Theme for your Wedding? Why not try a Phantom of the Opera™ Masquerade Ball theme? We have comprised a simple preparation guide that should make the process relatively simple. We do however strongly suggest if you haven’t seen the musical live, rent the movie for even more ideas!

Phantom of the Opera Brief Synopsis

  • The Phantom of the Opera™ is set in a Paris Opera House.
  • Christine, a chorus girl, hears an unearthly voice which sings to her and speaks to her.
  • This mysterious masked ghost haunts the Opera House and begins tutoring Christine.
  • The Phantom (Erik) demands that Christine be given all lead roles.
  • The Phantom is denied his demands and during a performance, nearly kills Carlotta (the lead) with a falling chandelier.
  • Love Triangle – Christine falls in love with the handsome Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, with whom she was a childhood friend. The Phantom is deeply in love with Christine.
  • The Phantom becomes incensed and kidnaps Christine to his home in the cellars in hopes of making her love him.
  • Christine eventually finds herself attracted to the mysterious Erik.
  • Christine removed his mask and the Phantoms horribly disfigured face is revealed.
  • She requests release and the Phantom grants her wish but makes her promise faithfulness and wear his ring.
  • Raoul is told about the abduction and promises to take her away. Christine agrees.
  • Christine must sing to the Phantom one last time.
  • Erik, again, takes Christine and threatens if she doesn’t agree to marriage, he would blow up the entire theater and everyone in it including Raoul.
  • Christine agrees. Erik lifts his mask to kiss her and admits that he has never been kissed, even by his mother. They both cry and Christine kisses him back.
  • Erik permits Christine to leave and marry whomever she wants because he knows she loves another. Christine agrees and makes him promise to let her bury him at his time of death.
  • Three weeks later, unknown to Christine, Erik is said to have died of a broken heart.

The Ambiance:
Haunting, Romantic, Dramatic

The Colors:
Gold, Black, Deep Purple, Blood Red

The Props:

  • Chandeliers (Check CraigsList, Antique Mall or simply create your own with shimmery Christmas lights.)
  • Masquerade Masks for the Women
  • The Phantoms Half-Mask for the Men (You can usually find them online ranging from $2 – $20.)
  • Candelabras – Electric Candlelight
  • Sheet Music
  • Red Roses
  • Dark Red Velour Fabric or Velvet (if it fits your budget) lining the walls and doorways.
  • Fog Machine for Effect
  • Phantom Posters
  • Phantom Music

The Invites:
Masquerade Themed Invitations (You can find these online.)
Red Wax Seal (These can be found at most craft store.)
Note: Make sure to inform your guests of the dress code.

The Activities:
Hire ballroom dancer for a couple of hours to teach your guests how to glide gracefully.
Masquerade ballroom dancing.
Hire a Phantom decoy to play devilish tricks throughout the night.

Charity or Fundraising Ideas:
Sell raffle tickets for $5 a piece, guests can purchase as many as they choose to win a Phantom of the Opera™ themed gift.
Hold an Auction, hosted by The Phantom, with Phantom of the Opera™ themed memorabilia.
SFMBC carries a beautiful collection of Phantom Memorabilia.

With a little time and research, your Phantom of the Opera™ event can be an unforgettable and exciting event.

We invite ALL of our Phantom fans to add to our list of ideas! Good luck & happy planning!

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