Peter Rabbit Drawing Contest

From: The San Francisco Music Box Company

We want to see how creative you are!  Submit your best drawing of Peter Rabbit to win any one item we sell on our site  There will be two winners.  One winner will be judged on craftsmanship/detail.  The second winner will be judged on creativity/originality.

Since Peter Rabbit has been around since 1904, there are plenty of pictures to get inspiration from.  You do not have to replicate a picture, or choose one from our site.  You can be as original as you would like to be.

There are a few ways for you to get your drawing submitted.  One: you can email it to in the subject line put Peter Rabbit Drawing Contest.  Two: you may post it on our Facebook page  or send us a message on Facebook, with the picture attached.  (If you don’t want your competition to see what you’re submitting).

When you’ve finished submitting your drawing, which ever way you decide is best for you, you must post a comment on Facebook or on our blog telling us what item from our website you would like to win, and if your picture is chosen as a winner, you will win that item. *Remember to post this, it would be a shame to miss out on getting a free item after all your hard work!*

You may submit your Peter Rabbit drawing from March 20th, 2013 until April 1st, 2013 @ 11:59pm CST.  Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

Winners will be notified by email, using the email submitted with the item you would like to win on the SFMB Blog,, or by the email address that the drawing was sent from to or on Facebook, by April 5th, 2013 and will have until April 19th, 2013 to accept their prize.  Winners will be announced on the SFMB Facebook page and on the SFMB Blog.  Once the winners are announced, instructions will be given at that time on how to claim your prizes.

(1) Fans, Pages and Friends who have WON any SFMBC contest within the last 90 days are not qualified to enter this contest.
(2) Employees and families of The San Francisco Music Box Company and its affiliates are not eligible to win this contest.
(3) Submission of your entry for this contest denotes your agreement to have your entry posted on Facebook and the SFMB Blog, including any names or other associated information.

(4) The San Francisco Music Box Company reserves the right to use any contest submitted content, in its entirety or segments, for advertising or promotional purposes, newsletters, the official San Francisco Music Box Company website, blog and/or press releases.
(5) Winner will be required to provide contact information for receipt of award.
(6) The San Francisco Music Box Co. respects your privacy and will not share your personal contact information with any third party.

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