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Top 5 Classic Snow Globes that Play Music

Snow globes spark such amazing memories. As a child you might have been gifted a beautiful snow globe that played a cute little tune. Often times even we get emotional when we hear a tune that reminds us that special moment. Here we revisit our top 5 classic snow globes that play music.

Ballerina Water Globe – Aspiring ballerinas will fall in love to this regal globe. Playing the tune “Swan Lake” will instantly bring joy to your heart.

Red Rose Mushroom Water Globe – This beautiful Red Rose snow globe has a satin-finished wood base and plays the lovely “The Rose” tune. This rose is just beautiful in design and quite a popular choice.

Snowy Owl Snow Globe – The snowy owl snow globe plays the “Let it Snow” tune. With striking details the Owl makes a beautiful replica of the bird who is native to Arctic regions in North America and Eurasia.

Ruby Slippers Water Globe – Of course Dorothy can’t be left off the list. She’s an unforgettable icon from the famous “The Wizard Oz”. These ruby red slippers globe plays the classic “Over the Rainbow” tune.

Rotating Tornado Water Globe – This Tornado is sure to drop down and make an impression. It’s wonderful theatrics make it an instant hit with Wizard of Oz fans.

Top 10 Oz Characters and Costume Ideas – Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale

Who is Dorothy Gale?
Dorothy Gale is just like any other Kansas country girl. She’s loving, humble, usually sweet tempered, and loves her little dog Toto very much. She has a round face, rosy cheeks and earnest eyes. She is a dreamer, like her mother. Aunt Em has suggested that the Fairies marked her at birth, since she has been protected in all her adventures through many strange places.

In the Land of Oz Dorothy is well known for killing the Wicked Witches of the East and West. She was made a Princess by Ozma, the rightful ruler of Oz, but was not spoiled by the magnificence around her. She is loved by everyone for her simple sweetness and honesty.

Shirley Temple as Dorothy?

You might be Dorothy Gale if you tend to

…be that person that tries to be friends with anyone and everyone.
…keep up with friends and loved ones, new and old.
…be staunchly practical and always keep things in perspective.
…speak in a straightforward manner so that there is no misinterpretation or misunderstanding.
…always keep hold of your dreams and help your friends and loved ones achieve their own.

Becoming Dorothy
For the adult Dorothy, we found this easy to follow video that takes you from any regular country girl from Kansas to the old Hollywood style glamorous Dorothy of Oz.

The Shoes

Take any old pair of dress shoes and spray-paint them red. Go to your local craft shop and pick up a package of red sequin. Carefully, glue the sequin on. You can also paint them with red glitter paint.

The Dress

If you are a seamstress, search for the Butterick 4600 pattern. The dress is two parts: an apron or pinafore (blue and white) that ties in the back. A white petticoat dress with the hemline trimmed in white eyelet. The back closure can be Velcro or a zipper.

Gather the essential pieces. Dorothy is usually seen wearing a light blue dress over a short-sleeved, white shirt. The dress is typically sleeveless, with thick spaghetti straps. Use an old or thrift store purchase dress that you can cut the sleeves to match this pattern. The white shirt is generally seen with short, puffy or ruffled sleeves. This detail can be deviated from without hurting the overall recognizable quality of the costume.

Use a white, ruffled slip, a ballet tutu or strips of white tulle to form the petticoat Dorothy wears underneath the blue dress. The tulle can be purchased at a fabric store. Stitch the ends of the strip together to form a skirt. The stitching can be crude, as the only visible portion will be at the very bottom of the skirt.

The Stockings

Add some white or blue stockings or socks. The style of the stockings can vary from ankle socks, to knee highs, to full white tights.

The Hair
Many little girls dress up as Dorothy with braided pigtails tied with blue ribbons at the end.

The Accessories
Picnic basket and a Toto stuffed animal decoy.

“There’s no place like home,” ~ Doroty Gale
Note: ranked #23 in the American Film Institute’s list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.