Top 10 Oz Characters and Costume Ideas – The Lollipop Kids of the Lollipop Guild

Lollipop Kids from the Lollipop Guild
“We represent the Lollipop Guild, The Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild.
And in the name of the Lollipop Guild, We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land,”
~ The Lollipop Guild.
The Oz Munchkins
“The Munchkins were brought to Hollywood for The Wizard of Oz by an agent named Leo Singer, who specialized in little people vaudeville and who had earlier supplied the cast for the all-midget musical, The Terror of Tiny Town. He paid each Munchkin $50 to $75 a week. Singer hired only midgets because they were proportional like average-size people. Dwarfs have slight deformities, making them less adept at dancing and moving about fluidly.” ~ by Stephen Cox,, The Munchkins of Oz, Book Review.
You might be a Lollipop Kid if you tend to
…have no idea what the word “portions” mean.
…take 2-3 hours getting ready to go out for the evening.
…spend way too much money on hair product.

Becoming a Lollipop Kid
You Will Need:

Plaid Shirt – White Collar
Red, Blue or Green Trousers
One Styrofoam disc (Craft Store)
One dowel rod to stick into the disk (Craft Store)
Matching striped socks
Brown boots
Thick hair pomade or hair wax
Hairspray (Aquanet)

Putting together a Lollipop kid costume is as easy as visiting your local Goodwill. If you can’t find a plaid shirt with a white color, color the collar with white fabric paint.  Cut the sleeves and shirt bottom off with a 1 inch zig-zag pattern. Take your trousers and cut them in the same zig-zag pattern just above the knee. Put on the stripped socks or tights, slip on some brown boots. The hair is basically a pompadour with some additional flair. The key is to get enough of the wax or pomade in your hair to make it moldable. Once you get the style right, spray it down!

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