Top 10 Oz Characters and Costume Ideas – The Lullaby League

The Lullaby League
“We represent the Lullaby League, The Lullaby League, The Lullaby League
And in the name of the Lullaby League, We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland,”
~ The Lullaby League.

You might be a Lollipop Kid if you tend to:
...insist on always taking a couple of friends with you when you go to the powder room.
…feel like you never get to be in the “middle”.
…you can never to seem to get that one particular song out of your head.



Becoming a Member of the Lullaby League
You Will Need:

Pink tights
Pink tutu
Pink or red ballet slippers
Pink or red ribbon (to match the slippers)
Pink leotard

The Hat
Poster board
Pink fabric
Fake pink flowers
Fabric glue
Pink ribbon

The only DIY part of the Lullaby League costume is the hat. Take the poster board, cut and roll it into a tall cone that will fit on the head. Unroll the poster board and attach pink fabric to the poster board with fabric glue. Take your pink flowers and pull off blooms, petals and flowers and staple or glue them around the bottom of the hat. Take a bigger flower with 3-4 in. of stem and glue or staple the end of the stem on top of the point of the hat. Wrap pink ribbon around the stem and glue or staple. The flower should hang off the top of the hat. Use elastic string or pink ribbon to hold on the head.

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